Trend File: Summer of Love Silver


I typically go for white-metal looks that are linear and geometric. But this season I’m all in for classically bohemian silver looks.

And silver jewelry designers are indulging in the look big-time, offering up sterling baubles that pull inspiration from Asian, Arabic, and Native American silver jewelry traditions.

Brands are of course incorporating turquoise into their free-spirited designs, but also moonstone, labradorite, opal, and other of-the-moment gems.

What’s brought us to this gloriously hippie-dippy moment in jewelry? Perhaps, at least in part, it’s a response to all the national political angst. Who couldn’t use a few baubles that hearken back to the Summer of Love right now?

Below are some summer-ready silver pieces to consider for your store.

Sterling Crop Circle hoops

Sterling Crop Circle hoops, $212; Laurel Hill

Turquoise and Swarovski crystal hoops

Turquoise and Swarovski crystal hoops, $295; Chan Luu

Reina ring

Reina ring, $120; Pamela Love

Sun, Moon, Stars ear crawler

Sun, Moon, Stars ear crawler, $194; Pyrrha (Also at top)

diamond Hamsa necklace

Oxidized sterling necklace and diamond Hamsa necklace, $1,270; Feathered Soul


Earrings, $1,079; Alexander McQueen


Sterling silver-plated A Beautiful Mind bracelet, $125; Uno de 50

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