Lithoquest Diamonds Recovers Micro-Diamonds from Outcrop Sample in North Kimberley Project, Australia

Lithoquest Diamonds Inc

Canadian diamond exploration company Lithoquest Diamonds Inc. has reported the recovery of three micro-diamonds from a sample taken at its North Kimberley Diamond Project located in the northern region of Western Australia.

Describing the recovery as “extraordinary”, the Company said that the10.06 kg rock sample of highly-weathered outcrop at target 0702 on the project from which the diamonds were extracted, was actually one of six samples that were recovered in December 2017 (two from anomaly 1605 and four from anomaly 0702) and sent for testing for kimberlite indicator minerals.

The results were based on tests by Diamond Recovery Services Pty Ltd., an independent laboratory located in Perth, Western Australia, which employs a traditional recovery process involving heavy liquid separation and caustic fusion to liberate and recover kimberlite indicator minerals.

The diamonds, two yellow and one grey, were recovered from the +0.1 mm to -0.3 mm size fraction and compositions were confirmed with a scanning electron microscope. No recoveries were reported from the other five samples.

Bruce Counts, President, and CEO of Lithoquest said, “This confirms that rocks present at target 0702 are diamond bearing and reinforces the prospective nature of the North Kimberley Diamond Project. We look forward to the commencement of the 2018 field program that will include drilling to collect samples specifically for micro-diamond testing.”

Two months ago Lithoquest had also reported recovery of Kimberlite Indicator Minerals (KIMs) from composite rock samples collected in April 2017 at the same project site.

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