Pandora places spotlight on life-changing moments

Pandora places spotlight on life-changing moments

Jewelry giant Pandora has launched a new campaign and product offering, designed to encourage consumers to celebrate special moments with charms.

This campaign nods to the brand’s roots but keeps the concept relevant for today’s consumer.

New charms include a birthday, anniversary, graduation and wedding motifs, while an emotive video has been created to support the launch.

The campaign video feature four real women talking candidly about the life-changing, and often difficult, moments in their lives which have made them who they are.

From discussing pregnancies and new babies to a wedding and lifelong friendships, the film touches on moments and memories many consumers will relate too.

Pandora will be sharing the film through its social media channels, CRM, TV screens in stores and its website.

The new product launch and campaign support the brand’s strategy to highlight products for gifting.

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