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Dahlia brooch
The best time for brooches is now

I know I’ve said this before (probably every year), but if there ever was a perfect season for brooches, winter is it. There are just so many more opportunities—or items of clothing—on which to pin a jewel. Your hat, your scarf, your gloves, your jacket. You might hate having to don that winter gear, but if you need to keep warm (and, you do), might as well make the best of it. Last year, we had a lot of fun with the lapel pin; the petite adornment saw a great amount of play. I wrote about these timeless ones from Oscar Heyman (on which trends bear no effect whatsoever), but I also talked about the smattering of pop culture–influenced, low-priced pieces that seemingly took over the world, if only for a short time. If I’m being honest, my own small collection—the evil eye, a Simpsons pin, and so on—hasn’t seen the light of day in, well, a while (perhaps I should take my own advice and tack one onto a scarf today). But what I’m talking about here is fine jewelry, the kind that your customers purchase to pull out for special occasions or, perhaps, certain seasons—not because they’re currently trending, but because they’re a beautiful luxury for always. So I have to wonder: Do you, as a retailer, notice an uptick in brooch purchases during this season? I’m not talking about an influx—and chances are, many retail stores don’t have a huge pin selection. But if you do notice a pattern year after year, I’d be interested to know the details. Until then, here are eight stellar choices to strengthen your selection (or replace what’s been sold).

Wreath brooch

Wreath brooch in 18k white gold with pink and green amethyst and rock crystal, $5,500; Bahina Jewels

Lacalla brooch

Lacalla brooch in platinum and 18k pink gold with 10.5 mm–11 mm eggplant pearl and 2.8 cts. t.w. pink and 2.5 cts. t.w. white diamonds, $58,000; Gumuchian

Frog brooch

Frog brooch in 18k yellow gold with 1.2 cts. t.w. emerald, 0.47 ct. t.w. ruby, and 5.71 cts. t.w. diamonds, $45,000; Oscar Heyman

Dahlia brooch/pendant

Dahlia brooch/pendant in sterling silver with peridot and topaz, price on request; TK Metal Arts

Chrysolampis Mosquitus brooch

Chrysolampis Mosquitus brooch in palladium and 18k yellow gold with sapphire, topaz, spinel, and smoky quartz, $25,150; Vicky Lew London


1920s brooch in platinum with diamonds and carved ruby, sapphire, and emerald, price on request; William Noble

Ribbon Fireworks pin

Ribbon Fireworks pin in sterling silver, $290; Zina Sterling Silver

Rose brooch

Rose brooch in titanium and 18k gold with 65.41 cts. t.w. pink sapphire, price on request; Andreoli

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