Rita Ora’s gems worth $4mn ‘forgotten’ on Cannes flight

Rita Ora's gems worth $4mn 'forgotten' on Cannes flight
Rita Ora was loaned the gems by a luxury brand when she walked the red carpet at the festival last week.

A woman carrying about $4 million worth of jewelry for British pop siren Rita Ora to wear at the Cannes Film Festival had a gem of a brain lock and forgot the bling on a plane, according to reports.

The courier, who was tasked with transporting the jewelry loaned by a luxury brand, forgot her carry-on luggage on her plane at the airport in Nice, France, after it arrived from London, according to AFP.

By the time she realized, the plane had already taken off for the return flight to London’s Luton Airport.

“Someone with their head in the clouds nearly lost several million,” a police sourced joked, saying the jewelry was recovered at Luton and sent back to Nice via London’s Heathrow Airport.

The 28-year-old Kosovo-born British star later appeared in Cannes on May 16 sporting a striking diamond necklace and a white bustier dress, according to the news outlet.

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