Russian Republic Unearths its Biggest Ever Natural Color Diamond

Russian Republic Unearths its Biggest Ever Natural Color Diamond

The vast republic of Yakutia, in Russia, has yielded its largest ever natural color diamond, a 236-ct rough intense yellow-brown stone.

It was found at the Ebelyakh alluvial diamond deposit, operated by a subsidiary of the state miner Alorosa, on the Anabar River.

The diamond (pictured) is 47 x 24 x 22 mm and it is estimated to be 120-230 million years old.

“Such a large natural color rough diamond is a unique discovery,” said Pavel Vinikhin, head of diamonds at Alrosa’s cutting and polishing division.

“Now the stone is at Alrosa’s United Selling Organization being studied and evaluated by our specialists. After that, we will decide whether to give it to our manufacturers for cutting or sell it as a rough.

“Of course, cutters in any country will be interested in such a diamond, as it has the potential to give several high quality polished diamonds.”

The Republic of Yakutia, also known as Sakha, occupies a fifth of the Russian Federation’s total area, and is as big as Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Finland, Greece and Sweden combined.

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