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Marcia Lanyon

Holts partners with Marcia Lanyon to shine light on coloured gemstones

Holts Lapidary has joined forces with coloured gemstone expert Marcia Lanyon to shine a light on a variety of stones in London’s jewellery quarter. A...

ALROSA Supervisory Board approves withdrawal from ALROSA-Nyurba by way of its voluntary liquidation

At the absentee voting on September 10, the ALROSA Supervisory Board approved withdrawal from the share capital of PJSC ALROSA-Nyurba by voluntary liquidation of...

BRAND TO WATCH UNOde50 exceeds 2019 target for UK market

Spanish Jewellery brand UNOde50 landed in the UK in 2015, making a double impact with the launch of a wholesale and retail business at...
Pink Diamonds

Rio Tinto Launches Argyle Pink Everlastings™ Among Last Pink Diamond Offerings of Argyle Mine

Rio Tinto today announced the launch of its “Argyle Pink Everlastings™ Collection”, a c of rare pink diamonds that will be among the last...
Q2 Platinum Jewelry Demand Falls

Q2 Platinum Jewelry Demand Falls

Despite an anticipated 9 percent increase in demand for platinum in 2019, demand for the precious metal for jewelry fell 5 percent in the...
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