The 13 th Anniversary of the China Gold & Precious Metals Summit will be held on December 5-6, 2018 in Shanghai China

China Gold & Precious Metals

China has been ranking FIRST both in gold production and gold consumption for consecutive 11 years, thus make China a huge market in the gold and precious metals field. At the same time, it is now a trend for mining companies to step out of the border as incited by China’s “One Belt and One Road” initiative together with the much more closer cooperation between countries along the Silk Road.

Now we are pleased to announce that the China Gold & Precious Metals Summit (CGPM) will have its 13 th anniversary in Shanghai China on 5-6 December 2018, and welcome your participation.

CGPM background

Created and organized by IGVision International Corporation, CGPM keeps attracting and bringing together the key industry stakeholders from mining companies, refiners and fabricators, bullion dealers, mints, investment and bullion banks, jewelers, gold & commodity exchanges, money managers, equipment as well as service providers around the world for knowledge sharing on topical issues in the gold and precious metals industry and its related sectors. It has been recognized as the largest and most important gold & precious metals conference in China.

Can’t miss

Providing an exclusive source of information for over 12 years, China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2018 (CGPM 2018) will offer the insightful discussions on:
– Recovery of the gold mining industry
– Exploring the emerging opportunities and international cooperation in cross-border gold mine investment
– Where will the precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, go for under current world changing business environment

– Prospect of bullion market with its physical trading, futures contract, effects on currency market and associated PGM market Entrepreneurs attend China Gold Precious Metals Summit 2018 to:

  • Embrace new ideas, technologies and solutions
  • Keep up to date with industry growth and development
  • Meet friends and strengthen business relationships
  • Explore new business chances and partnership opportunities
  • Network with global industry professionals and colleagues, and share the best practices and experiences with industry experts

We invite you join us in Shanghai China from 5-6 December 2018 to meet and network with over 300 senior executives and industry leaders in the gold &precious metals industry and the capital market. It is an active business gathering you cannot afford to miss!

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