5 Reasons Why Diamond Jewelry Always Makes the Perfect Gift

5 Reasons Why Diamond Jewelry Always Makes the Perfect Gift

Are you looking for an exceptional gift for a special lady in your life? Diamond jewelry is the classic choice. Beautiful, chic and exclusive, diamonds will always be well received.

Here are five reasons why diamond jewelry makes the perfect gift, along with a few ideas.

1. Diamonds are timeless.

Diamonds rise above trends; they are utterly timeless. They will never fall out of fashion, just like they never have done before. A quick look at diamond history reveals their continual importance.

It’s believed that diamonds have been worn as adornments for more than 2,000 years. Since the first diamonds were discovered in India, they have been continually sought after. For centuries, diamonds were so revered that they were thought to have magical powers that could thwart evil.

Slightly more recently, diamonds have been worn by the world’s royalty. Held in the Tower of London, the Crown Jewels contain some of the world’s most exceptional diamonds. The British Queen’s jewelry collection, passed through generations, includes a 15th-century Indian diamond, as well as the world’s largest top-quality white cut diamond, the Cullinan I.

Diamonds are still very much desired. The Pink Star is the most expensive diamond ring to have ever sold, reaching $71.2 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2017.

So whether or not the lady you intend to shop for is a follower of fashion, diamond jewelry is guaranteed to please.

2. Diamonds say “I treasure you.”

A diamond is a rarity, something that is naturally cherished. It’s also hugely symbolic, representing long-lasting love and faithfulness. So, when you give the gift of diamond jewelry, you really declare your love and appreciation for the recipient. Nothing is more romantic.

It’s for this reason that diamonds are the stone of choice for engagement rings. But diamonds aren’t only reserved for romance; giving diamond jewelry can also be a beautiful gesture towards your daughter, mother, sister, close friend or other family member. Why not mark a special birthday with a diamond bracelet, earrings or pendant?

3. Diamonds are forever.

We know this phrase is a cliche, but there is a whole lot of truth behind it. Diamonds are meant to be held onto and passed down through the generations. Any diamond gift you buy now will not only be treasured by its intended recipient, but also by whomever they choose to pass it on to.

In time, an heirloom diamond comes to symbolize cherished connections and decades of love and support. It is hard to imagine the same applying to any alternative gift you could give today.

4. There’s a right diamond gift for everyone.

Diamond rings are the best-selling diamond jewelry. Diamond rings are traditionally associated with engagement rings and wedding bands. If this is not what you are looking for, don’t be put off. There’s more to a diamond ring than this. Look out for smaller diamonds clustered into interesting shapes and used with other stones.

A straightforward option, however, would be to look at other types of fine jewelry.

Earrings are a magical gift. You could opt for the most elegant, simple and understated diamond studs. Or perhaps larger, showier cluster or halo earrings or even hoops set with diamonds would suit your recipient better. Either way, she will want to wear her diamond earrings for every special occasion from this moment on.

Pendants are also an excellent gift. There are lots of styles of pendants, all suspended from a delicate gold chain. Tiny diamonds set into a heart shape are perfect for romantics. A cross is a very symbolic gift, perfect for marking a milestone birthday or other special occasion. Or for a truly classic choice, pick out clusters of diamonds set into a circular shape.

5. Gifting diamonds is more accessible than many people think.

Recently, the gifting of diamonds has opened up to many more people. There was a time when diamonds were rare and thus incredibly expensive. However, lab-grown diamonds are changing this for the better.

Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are just as exquisite as their mined counterparts. It takes specialist equipment to tell the difference; these look just as perfect to the naked eye. High-tech laboratories recreate the conditions needed to grow a diamond (the temperature, pressure and more). This means a diamond can be grown in a matter of weeks.

Why not consider lab-grown diamond jewelry as a way of being able to gift something really spectacular to the person you love? This way, you are able to purchase a larger carat and higher value diamonds for a lower price.

3 Gift Ideas

●      A cushion cut halo pendant

A diamond pendant is a universally adored gift. Pendants are very easy to wear and look spectacular with day, business and formal evening wear.

A cushion cut is a generously sized, square-like cut of diamond with rounded corners, like a pillow or cushion. A halo design means that the larger cushion cut diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds. These reflect light onto the central diamond, enhancing its sparkle to perfection.

A cushion cut halo pendant is a classic design loved by all generations.

●      Diamond stud earrings

Diamond stud earrings are incredibly stylish and perfect for any lady who appreciates understated glamour. Look for larger diamonds that will catch the light and complete any evening outfit perfectly.

Alternatively, look for more ostentatious studs where smaller stones are set into a halo design for a larger, more elaborate effect.

●      Hoop earrings

Diamond hoop earrings are spectacular, bringing more than a touch of elegance to any outfit. They look spectacular with ball gowns but can be worn for any occasion. These will really catch the eye.

Diamonds really are the one gift that is guaranteed to be adored by their recipient for all the above reasons. And with lab-grown diamonds now more readily available, there has never been a better time to treat the one you love with beautiful diamond jewelry.

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