Life – Altering Abilities of 5 Gemstones

Life - Altering Abilities of 5 Gemstones

From encouraging a contended marital life to enhancing creativity and eliminating negativity, they make your life better and simpler in many ways. The sparkling beauty and enigmatic charm of the crystal add to their allure. Here are the life-altering benefits of top five birthstones for you.


As a stone of intuition, vision, vitality, and fertility, emerald represents all things good in life. The signature green color of this gemstone also represents growth and rebirth. When you have an emerald around, you will experience the power of this crystal stirring your soul with hope and positivity. It aids in financial renewal and enhances creativity.

Professions like artists, writers, PR executives, and journalists can benefit significantly by wearing an emerald. It also helps in honing your skills for negotiations and oration, bringing success in the fields like mass communication, politics, law, and litigation. Using its soothing effect, emerald can relieve your mind and improve your senses to make better decisions in life.

Intellect and learning abilities come easy to a person carrying this crystal. It can combat aging and heal the physical heart. Emerald has special abilities to invoke and balance the heart chakra that leads to controlled emotions. It changes your perspectives by removing the blockages and cynicism from your mind.

Yellow Sapphire

Pukhraj or yellow sapphire not only changes fortunes but also transforms your entire life with a stroke of good luck. This gemstone representing the auspicious planet of Jupiter brings financial stability and wealth accumulation.

Since Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge with inherent power, it helps you to rise above materialistic comforts and explore higher realms of life. Once you have the wisdom and will power, nothing remains unattainable for you. Yellow sapphire is also an excellent crystal for matrimonial harmony and fertility.  It strengthens your ability to make rational decisions under stressful conditions while staying disciplined and composed. Some cultures even believe in yellow sapphire’s ability to protect its wearer from unforeseen accidents.

Providing mental peace and calmness, it can prevent angry bouts and help you attain solace through spiritual means. The wonderful benefits of yellow sapphire do not end here. This gemstone also ensures your complete well-being by curing the ailments of mouth and kidney. It can cure cough, fever, rheumatism, and throat infections.

All these benefits make yellow sapphire a life-altering crystal, especially for authors, writers, academicians, advocates, teachers, and traders.


The stunning blood red color of rubies not only charms you but also blesses your life in many ways. From professional to academic success and social standing, this gemstone brings all things you desire in your life. Since ruby is ruled by the powers of the Sun, it can help the professionals relying on their authoritative and leadership qualities.

Also, ruby is acclaimed to improve the social status of its wearer. It not only helps to maintain an imperial lifestyle but also ensures financial stability. Some astrologers also lay their trust in this birthstone to improve communications and prevent negative thinking.

When you feel shrouded with negativity and fear, the cosmic rays of sun emitted by ruby will take these feelings away.

Elation, contentment, love, and harmony come naturally with this amazing stone. It can alter your life by inviting fortune and wealth. At the same time, you will never stray from the path of righteousness if you carry a ruby on your person. Wearing this gemstone is also beneficial for your heart, eyes, and bones. It restores blood circulation and vitality to improve your health. When you lack self-esteem and need emotional stability, ruby is the perfect companion.

Blue Sapphire

When you need a calm and focused mind, blue sapphire is the gem that can make it happen by releasing unwanted thoughts and negativity. This amazing stone ranges in colors from azure blue to cornflower blue with a vivid tone.

Since it carries the blue ray, this gemstone can clarify your communications and improve your spiritual perceptions. Opening your mind to the embedded truths in every condition, blue sapphire also motivates you to speak your mind without any fear. It creates an easy channel between the higher realms and physical bodies to attain deep focus and mental acuity.

You will find it easy to manifest your ideas into reality with a clear mind after wearing a sparkling blue sapphire. Whenever you want to think clearly, formulate thoughts, or gain focus, this gem will help your self-expression by activating the third-eye chakra. It broadens your visual perceptions and takes your mind to peaceful relaxation. Also, blue sapphire is the stone of fidelity, love, and commitment. No wonder it is loved and favored as a wedding or engagement ring for centuries.


Gomed or hessonite is a charming honey-colored gemstone, ruled by the planet of Rahu or Dragon Head. With its similarity to the color of cow urine, Vedic astrology defines hessonite as a stone of protection from negative energies and forces. By clearing and calming the mind of its wearer, this stone can eliminate deep-rooted anxiety and depression. Also, it boosts the focus and concentration to accomplish life goals.

Students and career-oriented professionals benefit a lot with a hessonite. It gives them professional success and enhances the social standing. Even the health of its wearer improves as hessonite can cure the ailments of eyes, palpitation of heart, allergies, epilepsy, leprosy, fatigue, and varicose veins.

All these birthstones possess life-altering abilities that can bring happiness, contentment, and bliss to your life. However, the benefits roll into your life when you choose the right gemstone.

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