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Britt’s Pick: Antonini’s Atolli Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces—particularly ones that make a statement—are as wildly popular as ever. So, of course, this sleek piece from Antonini‘s Atolli collection caught my eye. With curvy, sculptured style, it surrounds pieces of the...

Fine jewels shine at JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2016

Noble Jewelry Ltd's 'Original' necklace (Open marit and best market value awardee, JMA Jewelry Design Competion 2016) The 'Bright Radiance' pair of earrings by Pater Lam Jewellery Ltd (Open Group I champion, JMA Jewelry Design...

Get to Know Justin Brown Jewelry

Justin Aaron Brown’s high school passion for jewelry-making (chain mail, in particular) paved the way for the emerging design career he has today. The force behind Justin Brown Jewelrydebuted his line to the trade...
Monica Vinader growth story continues as sales reach £42.8m

Monica Vinader growth story continues as sales reach £42.8m

British jewellery brand Monica Vinader continues to go from strength-to-strength, with the latest financial results citing a rise in profits for the year ending July 2018. According to Insider Media Limited, the jewellery brand, which...

Style Spotlight: Navette Rings With Gemstone Centers

The elegant navette ring is a timeless style for jewelry collectors. Navettes elongate the finger with north-south configurations of eye- or marquise-shape gemstones, while east-west variations offer unconventional appeal. Check out these five new...
Neha Pending wedding Jewellery by Narayan Jewellers

Neha Pendse’s 7 layered necklace with a choker looked perfect for the wedding season

Neha’s wedding jewellery handcrafted by Narayan Jewellers in pastel shades to match her Nauvari. Neha’s stunning choker for reception comprised of more than 1200 diamonds.

Gold imports fall by 35.45% in April vis a vis March in Ahmedabad

AOJ E-NEWS: Gold imports in Ahmedabad declined in April. According to data from the Ahmedabad Air Cargo Complex, gold imports in April fell by 35.45% from March. Last month, 7.39 metric tonnes of yellow...
Gold Jewelry Price

Fluctuating Gold Price Worries Jewellers

As gold price has been plummeting in the past few days, customers are awaiting the price of the yellow metal to drop further thereby hitting jewellery business in the Capital. Jewellers have said that...
De Beers’ lab-grown diamond jewellery

De Beers’ lab-grown diamond jewellery brand expands outside of the US

De Beers’ lab-grown diamond brand, Lightbox Jewellery, is now available outside of the United States for the very first time. Up until now the brand has been limited to the US market, but on Twitter...

When central banks are buying gold, should we just sit & watch?

Central banks are hoarding gold. China, Russia and many Asian and West Asian central banks have started accumulating gold. Now that the fashion of hoarding gold is back, let us see the fundamental reasons...

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Lukfook sets sights on China expansion

Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd is counting on the growth of middle-class consumers in China to boost its business, with the retailer targeting to...

Indian Diamond Industry Seeks Voluntary Rough Import Suspension From 10-31 July

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) along with four prominent diamond bodies Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), Mumbai Diamond Merchants Association (MDMA), Surat...
Diamond Black Rich Brilliant

6 Places to Wear Your Favorite Diamonds

Diamond jewelry is a fantastic gift, but it can often be disheartening when you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity to show off your items...

India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) rescheduled to January 2021 T

The world renowned and India’s largest jewellery trade show, the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) Premiere, has been rescheduled due to the ongoing Covid-19...

Celebrity influence a major factor in UK engagement ring sales

Jewellers keen to get a steer on the type of engagement rings currying favour with customers would do well to keep a laser-like focus...
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